GO Clever

GOCLEVER DVR HD LITE and GOCLEVER DVR HD WIDE video recorders will be perfectly useful in unexpected situations. The camera can run without stopping, the oldest records will simply be deleted. Saved entries can be viewed by connecting the device to a computer. These video recorders have a voice recording, a USB 2.0 port, 6 IR LED lights, therefore you can record at night; its weight is just 220 g. The only difference between these devices is that the GOCLEVER DVR HD WIDE covers the image in a 120° viewing angle.

GOCLEVER DVR FULL HD 2 can be used not only as a video recorder, but also as a camera for leisure making it a perfect choice for travel fans. Can be used to make high-quality photos (12.0 megapixels) and videos (1920x1080 in FULL HD format). This unit supports up to 32 GB SD cards.

GOCLEVER DVR FULL HD IR has 8 IR LED illuminator lights, making high-quality recordings at night one of its advantages. The screen of this video monitor is rotated at 270° degrees, therefore it is always convenient to use. GOCLEVER DVR FULL HD IR is the only model that can shoot the image at 140 degrees!

GOCLEVER DVR FULL HD PRO– the video recorder as GOCLEVER DVR FULL HD 2 can be used as a conventional camera. Therefore it will be perfect for people who love to record their adventures everywhere and always. Video resolution is as high as 1920x1080.

GOCLEVER DVR SPORT Silver – special design video recorder/sports camera for filming in extreme conditions. This unit is the right choice for extreme sports enthusiasts, because it can be used both under water and at high altitudes. GOCLEVER DVR sport can be used in the temperature from -20 to +40ºC. Resolution of this sports camera expressive aims to 1280x720.

GOCLEVER DVR SPORT GOLD – video recorder and camera in one device. Recording time up to 90 min, memory 1 GB DDR3. Unlike GOCLEVER DVR SPORT, this model has a remote control, which is particularly useful for extreme sports enthusiasts. Image resolution of this sports camcorder is as high as 1920x1080.