Latest PHILIPS and AOC monitors – to increase work productivity and for medicine!

Latest PHILIPS and AOC monitors – to increase work productivity and for medicine!

ACC Distribution by following the pace of the most famous innovations, office Philips and AOC monitors for business and medicine.

22 and 24 inch Philips Medical Monitors are designed specifically for medical needs

We introduce the only monitors specially designed for medicine – PHILIPS C221S3UCW and PHILIPS C240P4QPYEW. These monitors are designed specifically for medical institutions and dental services. Monitor housings are coated with special AntiMicrobial technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria. Environmentally friendly products are used in the production of monitors; they meet all safety requirements for medical equipment.  

Philips Medical monitors have DICOM technology which allows to display X-ray images (GREY SCALE photos) much more accurately and clearly, which is not possible regular monitors. 

Philips UltraWide 27 and 29 inch monitors – panoramic, Crystalclear view on UltraWide screen with MultiView technology

Professional PHILIPS 272P4QPJKEB 27 monitor renders 2560x1440 resolution images with CristalClear Quad HD technology. MultiView technology with a double connection and a double view ensure productivity and allows to split the image of one monitor into two screens. The monitor has a built-in 2.0 MP camera with microphone.


PHILIPS 29 298P4QJEB monitor will surprise you with extra bright, 2560x1080 resolution images and contrasting colours. Enchanting 21:9 AHIPS screen with a very narrow frame and MultiView technology will make your work even more productive!

AOC UltraWide – exceptionally sturdy panoramic monitor

AOC Q2963PM 29 monitor significantly increases work productivity and quality of entertainment. This 29-inch 21:9 monitor with UltraWide screen, screen partition function and double connection will extend the work and entertainment options more than ever before. Working with multiple documents at the same time and no switching between different programs – now you will see everything on one screen.