ACC Distribution targets the Caucasus region

ACC Distribution targets the Caucasus region

Lithuanian wholesale distributor of computer and home appliances ACC Distribution rapidly expanding abroad, enabling us to attain a 517.5 million litas profit last year. This year the company projects to increase its turnover by more than 100 million litas, to 621 million litas.

Marijus Miceika, the company’s product and marketing director, said that last year’s income was slightly higher than in 2012. However, the positive financial result, albeit small, is appreciated by the company, since in 2013 the IT market has slumped, but ACC Distribution managed to remain stable and recorded a growth at the end of the year.

According to him, investments to household appliances market have helped to remain stable. In 2013 the company has hired several new employees and established a division responsible for the supply and sales of home appliances. ACC Distribution is owned by ACME group of companies.

We grew significantly in the home appliances segment. We were also active in the business-to-business segment. In 2011 the building of the business-to-business solutions division started and was completed in 2013. In collaboration with the best market integrators, it has initiated a number of significant projects in energy, education and financial sectors. Rapid growth in the field of tablet computers had a significant impact on business. In 2013, compared with 2012, this segment was almost 2 times larger, and we recorded even a bigger growth – almost triple. “In 2012 we sold about 15,000 tablets and in 2013 even 42,000,” Mr. Miceika identifies the success figures.

According to him, huge popularity of the GoClever brand and a decision of this company to choose ACC Distribution as exclusive partner and distributor in the Baltic countries had a significant impact on the results of the wholesaler.

Most profitable markets

“We have been growing fastest in the Caucasus region – Armenia and Georgia markets. New contracts with computer hardware manufacturers Acer, Lenovo, Asus and others gave a positive impetus to grow. In Georgia we already have gained a foothold and currently have 30% of the IT wholesale market,” says the products and marketing manager of ACC Distribution.

This year the company plans faster turnover growth. Revenues should increase by strengthening positions of Belarus, Armenia and Georgia as well as investing and gaining foothold in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Foundation for take-off has already been laid in the latter market through establishment of sales office which will start operating at the end of the first quarter of 2014. In Kazakhstan, the ACC Distribution sales representative office was founded and started operating last year.

“We are further expanding and investing in the home appliances segment. Last year, Bosch and Siemens chose us as one of the most effective companies having the largest customer base in the Baltic countries. This year we will continue to expand the range of home appliances. We are planning to sign new contracts with manufacturers of household appliances,” M. Miceika shared the nearest future plans.

VŽ already wrote late last year that the Lithuanian wholesaler product range was complemented with large and small domestic appliances from Hitachi, Cata, Vestfrost, Fiesta and Sana brands.