Appliance wholesaler Acme kompiuterių komponentai is expanding and changing the name

Appliance wholesaler Acme kompiuterių komponentai is expanding and changing the name 

Acme kompiuterių komponentai is changing its name to ACC Distribution

One of the largest computer hardware wholesalers in the Baltic countries, Acme kompiuterių komponentai, will now be called ACC Distribution. The new versatile English name was chosen after the company expanded in geographic terms. The company currently has branches in eight countries.

During the fifteen years of operation the company has grown considerably, and its face has changed. “In 1998 we started business as hardware wholesalers, but currently we are also the distributors of photo, audio equipment, TV sets and home appliances. After extending the range, we decided not to link the company's name only with computer products. In addition, at the beginning of the year we started only in two markets – Lithuania and Latvia, yet after setting up the offices in eight countries it became necessary to have a company name in English,” said the manager of ACC Distribution Regimantas Buožius.

Speaking about the company’s near-term plans, the company representatives reveal that they will mostly focus on the segment of tablet computers and their accessories. Demand for these goods has grown in the Lithuanian market last year alone more than double. In addition, this year the company intends to continue to expand the segment of large home appliance products.

In 2013, the company will offer new B2B products for the market. Last year the company has established a business-to-business division to strengthen this segment. Its personnel provides assistance to partners and their clients in the preparation, presentation and evaluation of proposed solutions. The staff of the division has accumulated extensive competencies in solutions for servers, storage, networking, software, PCs, portable computers and printing.

ACC Distribution is one of the largest companies selling IT, hardware, software, audio/photo/video products, computer games and home appliance products in the Baltic countries.

ACC Distribution has branches in Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Russia (Kaliningrad), and from 2013 – in Azerbaijan. The company represents over two hundred well-known brands of the world, the company’s range of products consists of more than 6,500 products. UAB ACC Distribution currently employs 215 employees and has more than 3,000 active customers.

2013 04 04