This year ACC Distribution plans a 10% increase in the number of employees

“The number of employees in 2013 grew by 15.6 percent compared with 2012 in the ACC Distribution group of companies consisting of 16 companies operating in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. Staff growth in ACC Distribution in Lithuania last year was 15 percent. A similar increase in the number of employees of about 10 percent is planned also in 2014. During the first quarter of this year the number of employees of ACC Distribution has increased by 5 percent,” the company's manager Mr. Buožius shared the information about the growth of the number of employees.

Enterprise development and growth in the number of employees is mostly affected by the company’s plans to strengthen its positions in the household appliance market in Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, as well as the growing demand for tablet computers and smart phones in all markets.

Last year we grew sharply in the home appliance segment, and signed contracts with Bosch and Siemens. Successful input of the business-to-business division had impact on the growth. This division, in cooperation with leading market integrators, initiated a number of important projects in the energy, finance and education sectors. “Also, we saw a significant growth in the field of tablet computers, at treble the previous year,” observes R. Buožius.

This year the company is planning a 20% growth. Revenues should be increased by strengthening positions in Belarus, Armenia and Georgia, as well as investing and gaining foothold in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Also, the company expects a marked growth of the sales of tablet PCs and smart phones.

We continue growing and investing in the consumer electronics segment; this year we are planning to sign contracts with new producers. We will offer our customers a greater range of smart phones as well as products for portable smart devices. We will expand the range of smart watches, smart wireless audio equipment, will deliver the Beddit product for smart sleep and intelligent iHealth devices that help track the health condition and outcomes for athletes, company’s product and marketing director M. Miceika shared the nearest future plans.