ACC Distribution consolidated revenue reached 238 million Euros in 2018

12 07 2019

Over the past year, the consolidated revenue of the ACC Distribution Group increased by 8 million Euros and reached 238 million Euros. One of largest wholesalers in the Baltic States consistent revenue growth has been driven by beneficial solutions and the additional value creation for business partners. 

“The market for IT technology equipment, most of which consists of laptops, has been declining for several years up to now. Nevertheless, in 2018, in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, we maintained stable income in this category and increased our market share. 

Last year, the Baltic market for major household appliances grew by about 5 percent, and for this purpose we have made great efforts to develop this category - we have started to supply Hitachi refrigerators and Gorenje household appliances. This affected more than 10% income growth in the last year.” mentioned Žymantas Baušys, Head of ACC Distribution. 

According to Ž. Baušys, more and more consumers are getting interested in smart technologies and smart home devices. Especially popular in the Baltic States in the year 2018 were Segway electric scooters - their sales grew by 4 times, there was a growing interest in smart watches, one of the producers Fitbit, the income of Fitbit last year in the Baltic States grew even several times. 

Another important segment of ACC Distribution is technology solutions for business. In 2018, much attention was paid to the development of this product category, which has reflected in the company's performance. Over the past year, revenue in servers, storage and network solutions in the Baltic States grew by more than 70 percent, commercial screens by 30 percent, and business computers by 15 percent. 

"We are constantly monitoring technology trends and expanding our range to new, high-end categories such as smart homes (Ring devices), smart lighting (Phillips Hue devices), smart watches (Amazfit devices) and smart horticulture (Tregren equipment). We are also launching solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices to manage and control urban infrastructure, agriculture, business offices, households or other assets" emphasizes ACC Distribution Manager. 

According to Ž. Baušys, 2018 was a special year for the acquisition and integration of ACME Europe, another ACME Group company. “This year we are actively working with the ACME trademark development  in the Baltic States and export markets, for which we are renewing the ACME brand product range and the brand itself. We hope this merging of two companies will benefit both the efficiency in operations and the quality of services provided to our partners.” -  The director shares expectations. 

According to the head of the company, ACC Distribution continues to pursue the same strategic direction - to search for new and market-relevant equipment in the field of technology and to expand its services. "In a competitive market, it is becoming more and more difficult to provide only standard distribution services - consulting, customized logistics solutions, IT systems integration, market entry strategy, development of innovative projects, shop shelf maintenance are just some of the activities that we provide in purpose to help our partners" says Žymantas Baušys.

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