ACC Distribution is strengthening the position as a wholesaler of electronic equipment at the Baltic States

April, 2018

ACC Distribution, one of the largest electronic equipment wholesalers in the Baltic States, is celebrating its 20th anniversary on April 17. During this period, the company succeeded to win the recognition and confidence of some of the world's leading electronics manufacturers and represent them not only in the Baltic States, but also in Kaliningrad, Belarus and Georgia. Technology experts do not slow down, on the contrary – they are planning to further consolidate their positions in the Baltic States by delivering the hottest technological innovations. 

Regimantas Buožius, the chairman of the board of ACC Distribution, said that the company, founded in 1998, has been growing very organically ever since and the core objective of the organization's employees was and still remains to create added value for its customers. “We have always focused on what our customers need, without being very rigid in our approach, easily adapting to manufacturers and making decisions very quickly. I think these attributes of our organization, along with professionalism and the willingness of our employees to share knowledge with our customers about the latest trends in electronics has led to successful business development for 20 years”, said Regimantas Buožius. 

ACC Distribution currently represents more than 200 suppliers of and brands in information technology, computer hardware, software, audio, video and photography, computer games and home appliances, including famous names such as Asus, Dell, Intel, Hitachi, Lenovo Microsoft, and others. “Currently, the ACC Distribution Group of companies has a staff compliment of approximately 300 people, servicing more than 4,000 clients in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Belarus and Kaliningrad. We are proud that our business is constantly growing and reached a record turnover of 232 million EUR in 2017”, Žymantas Baušys, director of ACC Distribution, shared his business achievements.  

According to the business manager, when looking back at our key business projects of recent years, it is worth mentioning that ACC Distribution was first in the market to introduce a smart app for its customers. This innovation allows business customers to receive real-time notifications of new products or special offers and order them instantly via their smartphones with just a couple of clicks. “One of the strategic targets of our company is to optimize the ordering of represented products by implementing advanced technological solutions. In line with these goals, in mid-2016, we launched a new E-commerce product ordering portal where customers will see personalized promotions, product sales, news and business solutions”, commented Žymantas Baušys, director of ACC Distribution, about new business solutions. 

Speaking about future plans of ACC Distribution, Žymantas Baušys said that the company will continually strive to strengthen its market position in the Baltic States by offering the latest electronic equipment both for individuals and exclusively for businesses. The company will continue to focus on the Internet of Things devices, as well as smart home technologies, virtual reality solutions, drones, robot toys for children, smart watches, various fitness gadgets, robot vacuum cleaners, etc.  

Growing sales of various electronic devices also testify to the fact that the company is clearly identifying and satisfying the needs of its customers in the Baltic States. “Comparing 2016 with 2017, sales of drones have grown sixfold, the sales of small household appliances grew by 38% and TV sets by 12% in the Baltic States. In terms of electronic equipment for businesses, in 2017, printer sales in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia increased by 18%, monitor sales by 17%, while personal computer component sales increased by 16% – all driven by the growing demand for video boards”, said the ACC Distribution Director.

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