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  • February 5, 2024

Expert Recommendations: Comprehensive Analysis of IT Infrastructure in Just a Few Hours – Mission Possible!

In the intricate landscape of IT infrastructure modernization, the preparation phase demands meticulous attention. Traditionally, this stage extends over several months as a comprehensive analysis unfolds.

How to prepare for IT infrastructure purchase successfully?

  1. Establish your priorities:

If you’re an IT manager, you’ll know first-hand which parts of your IT strategy are working well, and what can be improved to streamline processes. However, it’s always helpful to gather everyone’s opinions, from end users to team leaders and if not more important – business owners.

  1. Align with company goals:

A cohesive IT infrastructure development strategy is paramount, harmonizing with the overarching organizational development strategy.

Enter ACC Distribution’s recommendation: harness the power of Dell Technologies software. This transformative tool expedites the assessment of the existing IT landscape, ensuring a faster, more precise, and efficient approach. By adopting this methodology, we unveil a tailored solution proposal based on Dell technologies within the shortest timeframe possible. The duration of this process, ranging from a few hours to days or a week, adapts to the intricacies of the organization’s infrastructure and complexity.

The mentioned technology enables:

– Securely collect and capture performance, software, OS distribution and VM data for periods ranging from a few hours to a week.

– Get conveniently and visually presented reports, generated in real time

– Safe and convenient sharing of obtained results. Information provided: analysis of collected data and recommendations.

– Budget infrastructure modernization using reliable, up-to-date analytical data.

Let’s try this amazing technology together for free today!


“We proudly boast a robust team of committed Dell Technologies business product experts, guiding our valued customers towards optimal solutions leveraging Dell Technologies technologies. Our mission is to empower companies in enhancing data management, fortifying security measures, and elevating the availability and integrity of critical information. We look forward to supporting your endeavors with the excellence that defines our team”, says Andrius Paplauskas, Business Development Manager at ACC Distribution. If you want to know more, please contact me by e-mail: , or by phone: +37061880135

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