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Opening new markets

We are the team that best covers the full journey of entering the region, launching new products or brands and scaling upwards

Our solutions

We operate in the uncertain conditions and fast changing trends, but it is our experience that allows to find the right perspective and ground things in place. ACC Distribution helps to turn technological vision and product goals into a business plan and business plans into results.
Market research & analysis
Researching the relationship between everyday themes and technological advances.
Business development
Our expert team offers business development opportunities, acting as your external team: opening new channels, developing or supporting your brands, products and categories in regional market.
Marketing services
ACC Distribution bridges global marketing strategy with regional market knowledge offering localized execution and helping to present brands and products to the market.
We strive that products and brands would be properly presented at a point of sale.
Drop-shipment deliveries
We offer a time saving service keeping logistics chain shorter and delivering quicker.

Experts in delivering

  • Regional know-how
    We have deep understanding of the regional specifics and end-user preferences.
  • Your market entry team
    We have a wide range of value added services and adapt to our partner.
  • Strategic business development
    We proactively offer our partners business development opportunities, acting as your external team.
  • Industry experience
    Since 1998 we have grown to be a leading technology distributor in Baltics, supporting over 200 suppliers and brands with business solutions across the entire distribution journey.
  • Tailored teams & specialists
    We are the leading tech adoption team, covering the full journey of entering the region or launching new products and brands.
Dedicated experts for vendors
Business development managers
Proactively offering business development opportunities, acting as your external team.
Financial management and analytics
Ensures company's financial stability and data-based business decisions.
Sales teams in the region
Allocated in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - building close relationship with clients in aim to offer the best business growing opportunities.
Marketing team
Covering full journey from marketing strategy planning till executing, taking care of brands from the first step in the regional market.
Implementing the best logistics solutions to bring next tech to regional market.

Growing your business

We proactively offer our vendors business development opportunities, acting as your external team.

Need help building and scaling your company?