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  • June 3, 2024

Your assistant for summer outdoor work: how to choose a high-pressure washer?

As the weather gets warmer, the owners of houses, gardens and cottages are immersing themselves in outdoor work to welcome summer in an environment that is not only green but also clean. To ensure efficiency, high-pressure washers are often used. This special equipment ensures fast and convenient cleaning of the terrace, pavement, or facade, and makes it easy to prepare outdoor furniture, bicycles or greenhouses for the new season.  

The choice of high-pressure washers is extremely wide. According to Vygantas Legerpušis, a specialist at ACC Distribution, the representative of the Stanley brand in Lithuania, it is important to know the key aspects that will help you choose the right device for your individual needs. 

The most important criteria are the power and pressure of the device 

When choosing a high-pressure washer, it is important to consider the type of work you will use it for. This will determine whether you need a more powerful unit with a higher cleaning capacity, or one that is less powerful but more compact and best suited to your daily needs. 

“If you plan to buy a high-pressure washer for the maintenance of your house facade, pavement, or terrace, you should opt for a more powerful unit of around 2,500 watts, which also has a higher water flow pressure of up to 170 bar. Others simply want to wash bicycles, flowerpots, outdoor furniture, and garden equipment more easily, so in that case a 1,400-watt unit with a water pressure of 110 bar is absolutely sufficient,” says V. Legerpušis.  

It is important to note that, in order to avoid damage, it is not recommended to use a high-pressure device for washing smaller items. According to the representative of the Stanley brand in Lithuania, it is also possible to buy high-pressure washers with adjustable pressure function, for example, when you are washing the facade of a house and the water flow is close to sensitive surfaces, you can reduce the pressure. 

It is also important to note that using a lower pressure device can take much longer to remove stubborn stains. With the powerful 2,500-watt and 170 bar devices, you can spray 810 litres of water per hour with a powerful water flow, which will ensure extremely fast cleaning of your paving stones or facade. With the low-power 110 bar unit, you can spray around 390 litres of water at the same time, making large areas more time-sensitive. 

Optional accessories for your convenience

V. Legerpušis says that Stanley high pressure washers are valued by customers not only for their exceptional quality and durability, but also for the variety of accessories suitable for devices.

“I recommend paying attention to the accessories when choosing these devices. For example, to wash a facade or a large area of paving quickly and efficiently, the double nozzle sprayers will be useful as they will allow you to wash twice as much area within the same time. And for cleaning terraces, many people choose special brushes, which ensure quality cleaning, which do not damage the terrace surface and reduce water splashing on surrounding surfaces (e.g. windows),” says ACC Distribution’s brand development manager, listing the most commonly chosen accessories. 

Vygantas Legerpušis, brand development manager at ACC Distribution

Most Stanley devices have accessories in their package such as brushes, foam lance bottles, water hoses, special nozzles for cleaning narrow gaps, gutters or other hard-to-reach areas. 

 Long-term investment based on personal needs 

The choice of high-pressure washing devices is extremely wide, so V. Legerpušis advises to pay attention to the planned cost for its purchase: 

“I can affirm that all Stanley units are valued by consumers for their durability, while the price reflects the variety in terms of power, frequency of use and the characteristics of the surfaces to be cleaned.”  

The specialist identifies three price categories for high-pressure washers designed for a domestic use: 

For €80 – €150, you can buy a basic parameters device suitable for small cleaning tasks that do not require a long runtime. Compared to more expensive devices, products in this price range usually have simpler technical parameters such as power or water flow pressure. However, if you don’t have a need for intensive, frequent cleaning tasks, for example if you only want to wash your terrace a few times a year, washers in this price range are an excellent choice. Models at these prices are also compact and very friendly for buyers with limited storage space, making them extremely easy to transport to gardens or country houses. 

For €150 – €200, you can choose devices with more functionality, suitable for cleaning tasks that are medium-sized and don’t require a very long runtime. These washers are usually of a higher technical specification and often come with additional accessories. Products in this price range are ideal for those who want to use it for more pressure-intensive tasks, such as cleaning stubborn dirt, but do not plan to use the device very often. 

Choosing a product from €200 and upwards ensures that it will meet all the needs of a house or garden routine for intensive cleaning tasks. These devices usually have a high level of technical performance and are equipped with a range of additional accessories that ensure not only high quality but also faster cleaning of different surfaces, even those with a stubborn coating of dirt. Choosing devices with adjustable water flow strength ensures a wide range of applications.

A quality brand valued by customers 

Another aspect to look for is the manufacturer’s quality standards: “We notice that currently this is a very important factor for buyers in the Baltics. The ability for the buyer to not only choose from a wide range of models, but also to be assured of the quality of each one is a Stanley standard.” 

The brand, which has been developed in the United States since 1843, is highly valued by the buyers around the world for its reliability, application of the latest technology in product development, and its wide range of products to suit the different buyer’s budget and needs. 

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