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  • May 10, 2022

ACC Distribution becomes the Baltic representative of the flagship killer brand OnePlus

ACC Distribution, one of the largest wholesale distributors of electronic equipment in the Baltics, has partnered with smartphone manufacturer OnePlus. “OnePlus is owned by the Chinese conglomerate BBK Electronics, the world’s leading manufacturer of smart devices. The brand represents the latest generation of smartphones and accessories.

“In order to bring the latest technology to the Baltic countries, we have partnered with OnePlus, a brand rapidly growing in the US and Asia and with great prospects in the Baltics and Europe. The brand has a strategy to develop a series of flagship killer models, which are not inferior in technology to the most famous flagship smartphones, but at a price that is more attractive than the competition,” says Marijus Miceika, Product and Marketing Director at ACC Distribution.

The smartphone manufacturer plans to launch over six new smartphone models in 2022, some of which have already been delivered and will be available in the Baltic States in May.

The brand’s strategy of creating a product with cutting-edge technology at a more attractive price is reflected by the latest smartphone in the Nord mobile series, the OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G, which offers wide functionality at an even lower price. OnePlus has a series of ultra-high-end devices, including the OnePlus 10Pro, boasting premium photography functionality powered by the built-in Hasselblad Camera for Mobile system. The smartphone also features the latest generation, high-refresh-rate display and ultra-fast charging technology.

In 2021, OnePlus sold more than 11 million smartphone devices worldwide. Mobile devices are successfully distributed in countries such as the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, India and the Arab Emirates.


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