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  • November 19, 2019

ACC Distribution becomes the official distributor of Xiaomi devices in the Baltics

ACC Distribution, one of the largest wholesalers in the Baltic States, has entered into a cooperation agreement with Xiaomi, a fast-growing Chinese electronics manufacturer, and has become the official distributor of Xiaomi’s smart devices in the Baltic States.

“We are delighted that Xiaomi, an ambitious manufacturer with high goals, has chosen us as its partner in this region and appreciated our performance, service efficiency, and the highest market share in the Baltics. We have already started supplying the Baltic countries with the widest range of Xiaomi Ecosystem smart devices, and we believe that this brand will attract special attention of consumers in this region due to its high quality and attractively low price-performance ratio,” says Žymantas Baušys, CEO of ACC Distribution.

“Starting this year, ACC Distribution will distribute Xiaomi Ecosystem electric scooters, smart home solutions and lighting, audio equipment, air purifiers, security, unmanned aerial vehicles, computer accessories, vacuum cleaners, kettles, weighing scales, sports wristbands, portable batteries (including, from next year, smart TVs), and other solutions to make your home life and leisure time easier.

“Xiaomi’s electronic devices are very much in tune with modern requirements, considering that consumers are increasingly concerned that the devices they choose to use in their homes should be less visible in the environment and easier to control. That is why Xiaomi has given its devices a complete design, integrated, convenient control, remote monitoring via mobile phone and one of the lowest prices on the market,” says Žymantas Baušys, who identifies the uniqueness of Xiaomi Ecosystem devices.

According to Baušys, in 2020, ACC Distribution will aim to offer the widest range of Xiaomi Ecosystem devices in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia: “This will not be the only innovation in the Baltics. Next year, we plan to further develop our IoT, consumer leisure, and home appliances offerings and expand new brand categories.”

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