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  • September 25, 2018

The modern workplace: what does it look like?

“Today, I will work from home. I am available by phone and via email”, is a message that reaches more and more recipients in companies every morning. Indeed, working hours are increasingly no longer defined by 8 am to 5 pm, but rather by work output. This is mainly due to advances in information technology, with global economic forums hailing teleworking as the ‘labour economy revolution’ of recent years. Employers are also increasingly familiarising themselves with the subtleties of teleworking, as out-of-office functions are becoming the norm today.

It will only grow in the future

In recent years, workplace standards have been changing, and internet access is increasingly a mandatory workplace attribute. As the average worker becomes more skilled in IT, remote work is set to grow in the future, according to

While not all employers are yet flexible about the possibility of working from home due to a lack of control over their subordinates, research shows the opposite trend. Remote work can increase productivity by working in a quieter environment, without colleagues dropping by every few minutes for a meaningless chat. This way of working can also significantly reduce stress levels.

The surge in out-of-office work was noticed mainly in recent years. This may not necessarily be permanent remote work but periodic opportunities for a change of working environment provided by the employer. In the US, 31% of workers work remotely four or five days a week, according to Gallup. Meanwhile, according to, almost 47% of employees in Lithuania would prefer to work remotely. Unfortunately, only 2% of Lithuanian companies have a favourable view of this type of work.

The fact that the rapid jump is only a harbinger of radical change in the workplace is also shown by the surveys conducted. According to research firm International Data Corporation (IDC), three out of four workers in the US will be working remotely by 2020. So, today, a job advert that says “remote work” is becoming a necessity rather than an advantage.

It is important to choose the right tools 

On the other hand, an increasingly flexible approach to working hours and patterns calls for more mobile workplaces. With frequent business trips and meetings, the computer becomes the key element of the workplace, rather than the latest model of a standing desk.

Marijus Miceika, Director of Product and Marketing at ACC Distribution, a technology expert, says that the most popular PC manufacturers today are not looking for a more powerful graphics card for gaming but for longer battery life, durability, and convenience. The labour market is also following the same trend. “Dell, the manufacturer we represent, has long recognised the importance of the remote workplace and has worked hard to develop devices that truly enable people to create a comfortable workspace that they can use on the train, in the airports, while waiting for a meeting in a coffee shop or while working in the comfort of their country home. For example, the Dell XPS 9370 laptop is designed for the person who travels a lot for work and needs a computer that is powerful enough but small enough. This is ideal because the monitor has a diagonal measurement of just 13 inches and fits into a standard 11-inch PC case. This reduced size preserves the power and other essential parameters for smooth and efficient operation. The Gorilla Glass display is scratch-resistant and can be touch or non-touch, depending on your choice. Another unique feature is that the quality of conference calls is ensured by four built-in microphones, high-speed wireless internet, and Waves speech technology,” said M. Miceika about the ideal computer for remote workplaces.

Specific work equipment for remote work

According to a technology expert, more and more teleworkers are paying attention to ensuring that the computer is tailored to their specific work needs. For example, graphic designers, photographers, and illustrators often choose a Dell XPS 9575 laptop that can be controlled with a dedicated Active Pen. This tool enhances control and precision, creating a natural feel to writing or drawing, and is powered by an 8th generation Intel Core processor with Radeon*RX Vega M graphics and 4GB of ultra-high-speed graphics memory. “This is the first processor with discrete memory designed specifically for small, thin, and light PCs,” said the Director of the Product and Marketing Department of ACC Distribution.

Highest level of data protection when working remotely 

Data security is a concern for all employees, whether they work in the office daily on a desktop computer or remotely. For the latter, the issue is even more acute. According to Miceika, the Dell Latitude 7390 2-in-1 laptop is the right choice for those who work at a desk or are constantly migrating or travelling around the office. It is rugged, multifunctional, and well-protected. It has a wide range of built-in connectors so you can connect external devices. The magnesium alloy LCD body is made of fibreglass and glass for strength and durability, the Gorilla Glass screen is scratch-resistant, and the illuminated keyboard allows you to work even in the dark. The main feature of this laptop is the highest level of data security: you can connect to the computer in several different ways, using your fingerprint, a passcode, or an ID card, thanks to the integrated smart card reader or an NFC contactless card,” said M. Miceika about the ultra-secure laptop. The expert stressed that the Dell Latitude 7390 2-in-1 is both a laptop and a tablet, as the computer case can be bent 360 degrees, allowing the employee to use the device in a wide range of working conditions.

What to do when one can’t charge the computer? 

One of the main criteria for today’s workplace is battery power, as charging a computer anywhere is not always possible, and the computer can run out of power at the worst possible time. Marijus Miceika, Director of Product and Marketing at ACC Distribution, said that universal chargers make it easier to carry your bag when working on the go. “I’m a frequent business traveller, so I always take a universal charger with me. Then I don’t have to fumble around with a bunch of wires in my suitcase. Dell has thought of everything in this area too. The Dell Hybrid Adapter + Power Bank portable charger has an integrated power supply. This charger can charge a laptop and a USB mobile device simultaneously,” said M. Miceika, sharing his experience.

With a comfortable laptop, a fully charged battery, a good internet connection, silence, peace, fresh air, a cosy environment, and a steaming cup of coffee nearby, people will walk to work every day as if it were a holiday. The modern workplace will become a place where the individual worker feels most comfortable.

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