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  • January 24, 2018

A. Juknevičius: not a step in the Dakar without a special computer

While the dust of the Dakar Rally is still rising, Antanas Juknevičius has revealed that not only the race car needs to be reliable, but also the technical equipment, which is essential for every participant. One of the essential devices that are used in all weathers is the laptop computer.

The racer revealed that his team uses a special computer indispensable for such extreme races.

“We use a DELL Rugged because it’s the single most reliable laptop for me for outdoor work. It’s not afraid of dust or water.

I’ve seen other teams using this computer even in the pouring rain. As we have to adjust the engine and other parameters of our race car outdoors, often in unpredictable conditions, the computer must work reliably in such moments.

That’s why most of the Dakar teams use this computer. We didn’t reinvent the wheel. We relied on tested experience,” Antanas Juknevičius shared his experience.

According to Marijus Miceika, an expert in electronic devices and Head of Product and Marketing Department at ACC Distribution, DELL has tried to create a device that can be used under the most extreme conditions.

“These laptops are designed to work outdoors, whether it’s minus 29 degrees below zero or more than 60 degrees above zero. They are also designed for use in a wide range of factories, workshops, or laboratories where people must always wear special gloves.

DELL has thought about the Rugged’s vibration and shock resistance, protecting not only the casing but also the data, while incorporating all the latest technologies so that a person can be productive and uninterrupted in any conditions,” said the technology expert.

According to Marijus Miceika, these computers are mostly purchased by firefighters, police officers, the military, and other special services.

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