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  • December 14, 2023

ACC Distribution becomes official distributor of “Anker Solix” – portable solar energy solutions 

“ACC Distribution” has started a partnership with the world’s leading mobile charging brand “Anker Solix”.

With solar and energy storage technology, “Anker Solix” provides a complete control of power solutions for different life situations: outdoors activities and work, living life on the road, setting up a home energy system, or even helping for emergency needs.

“Anker Solix” range consists of four main product categories that meet different consumer needs: portable power solutions, solar panels, solar generators and powered coolers.

Portable power solutions.

Long-Lasting. Rated to provide 3 000 battery cycles and 10-year lifespan with InfiniPower™ technology, which features premium LPF (LiFePO4) batteries and ultra-durable electronics to last 6× more than standard lithium-ion batteries.

Smart temperature control. The ultra-efficient chipset intelligently controls the charging system and monitors temperatures up to 100 times per second so that batteries would stay protected and keep optimal operation.

Extremely durable and protected. Drop-proof design of automotive-grade aluminum frame and material selection meet the requirements of industry testing standards to withstand any impact during outdoor adventures.

Fast Recharging Technology – HyperFlash™ lets to recharge to 80% in 1 hour Anker 757 Powerhouse and up to 5.6 hours other models.

GaNPrime™ – Anker’s most intelligent multi-device fast charging system that lets to charge multiple devices at the same time with only one power device.

Variety of ports. Power stations have all the ports to meet customers’ needs to charge their devices and appliances. Models are differently equipped with AC ports, USB-A ports, a USB-C ports, and car’s outlets.

 Solar panelsthe ideal choice for those who are looking for compact and easily transportable mobile charging solutions that provide energy for a wide range device starting from smartphones, tablets, cameras to small appliances connected to solar generator.

High-efficient clean energy. Monocrystalline solar cells and a powerful sunlight-trapping surface provide a conversion efficiency rate up to 21-23%.

Built to last. Designed to withstand scratches and poor weather, the ultra-durable solar panels are ideal for all outdoors from active leisure to work. Anker SOLIX PS400 and Anker SOLIX 531 soler panels are characterized by IP67 waterproof standard and Anker SOLIX PS30 – IP65.

Optimal sun system adapted to each model individually. Anker SOLIX 625 has integrated sundial that aligns panel to capture direct rays for maximum charge. Meanwhile Anker SOLIX 531 and Anker SOLIX PS400 solar panels have 3-mode angle adjustments which allows adjust panels to 40°, 50°, or 60° via the adjustable kickstand for optimal solar power.

Solar generatorsit’s a system that consists of portable power devices and solar panels used together.

A wide range of Anker SOLIX portable power devices and solar panels allows users to build their own solar generators to meet their power needs.

Powered coolers.

Up to 42H of long-lasting cooling. Anker EverFrost, with 33L, 43L and 53L capacities, can keep a temperature of 4°C for up to 42, 35.8, and 27 hours respectively. This was tested with an ambient temperature of 25°C and when the battery was fully charged.

Various ways to recharge. Anker EverFrost offers 4 convenient charging methods, ensuring endless power for all your cooling needs. Recharge to 100% in: 3.6 hours of 100W solar input, 4 hours of wall outlet, 4 hours of car socket or 5.8 hours of 60W USB-C connection.

0% ice, 100% storage. With Anker EverFrost it’s easy to enjoy twice the storage capacity of traditional coolers without the need for ice. Choose from 33L / 43L / 53L capacities coolers.

Efficient cooling system. Equipped with a high-efficiency cooling compressor, it only takes 30 minutes for food and drinks to cool down from a hot 25°C to a cool 0°C.

Versatile and portable design. Due to EasyTow™ handle and 6-inch durable wheels it’s easy to move it even with limited strength. EverFrost even comes with an extendable table and built-in bottle opener for more home convenience regardless location.

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