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  • January 13, 2023

ACC Distribution partners with Durabook to strengthen its rugged device portfolio

ACC Distribution has partnered with the global rugged mobile solutions brand Durabook, owned by Twinhead International Corporation, to boost rugged device offering.

With immediate effect, Durabook products are now available for all of ACC Distribution’s partners in Baltic countries and their end-users in various business fields.

According to Fred Kao, CEO of Twinhead, the demand for specialized computer equipment in the Baltic States is consistently growing, therefore, a partnership with the largest hardware distributor in the region ACC Distribution was launched: “Our new partnership with ACC Distribution means we will be able to enter new sectors across the Baltic region, helping the reseller network there to meet client demand for cutting-edge technology that is built for every environment.”

Durabook’s product line consists of semi-rugged to fully rugged tablets, mobile computers and convertibles. Committed to engineering and service excellence, Durabook products have been widely adopted by government and enterprise customers including oil and gas, utilities, field service, defence, and public safety.

Each Durabook rugged laptop comes with unquestionable security, steadfast durability and inordinate performance. With the Windows® operating system, end-customers find they’re just as easy to use as their personal devices. Built tough for challenging situations, this isn’t consumer technology retrofit for business. Instead, these laptops are designed especially for enterprise and environment.

Rugged tablets are mostly purpose-built for the demands of industry to handle everyday tasks from inspections to inventory management to compliance reporting efficiently and accurately. With invincible mechanical design and rigorous component selection, Durabook products adapt to any environments flawlessly, assuring shock, drop and vibration protection, as well as peak performance in extreme temperatures, whether in freezing cold up to -30ᵒC or extreme hot temperatures of 60ᵒC.

Every Durabook product can be further customized to target wide-ranging vertical markets with specific populations and usage applications. Durabook also offers custom-made, bundle solutions aside from its standard turn-key products.

ACC Distribution is proud to represent such high-quality brand that stands out when environments require rugged products that can literally take a beating.

As a reminder, ACC Distribution also represents more than 200 suppliers and brands in the fields of information technology, computer hardware, software, audio, video and photography technologies, computer games and home appliances, including brand names such as Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Microsoft, LG and Samsung, among others. The companies in the ACC Distribution group operate in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. ACC Distribution is part of the ACME Group of companies.

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